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   The Unofficial Guide to Fox's Dark Angel Television Show 
The year is 2020. The scene is Seattle, shortly after terrorists have set off an electromagnetic pulse in the atmosphere that knocks out all satellites, toppling the economy and plunging the world into a 1930s-style depression in which politicians are for hire, cops are crooked and the future looks drearier than Seattle in March.

Cameron and co-creator-executive producer Charles Eglee (Murder One, Moonlighting) concocted the hour-long sci-fi drama for the Fox network.

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Welcome to the Unofficial Guide to Dark Angel.

From James Cameron, director of Titanic, this sci-fi series features Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly. The show is set to appear on Fox, Tuesday nights at 9pm. 
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Dark Angel," a sci-fi drama about a genetically altered superwoman (Jessica Alba) who reluctantly fights for truth, justice and a place to park her motorcycle while eluding the bad people who did experiments on her when she was a child.
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:: Pilot

Max is a beautiful, intelligent and unique girl -- just the way she was designed. Engineered in a secret government lab twenty years ago (Manticore), Max and her genetically enhanced siblings were created to be the perfect soldiers... until they escaped. Now, ten years later, against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Seattle, Max is on a quest to reclaim her past by finding her fellow escapees. But she's not the only one looking...

:: Heat
Max locates an old friend, who has information about her past. This reunion puts her in jeopardy of being caught by Lydecker.

:: Flushed
Max's friends mistake her dependence on Triptophane as a drug problem. Their intervention lands Max in jail.

:: Creamed
A woman enlists 'Eyes Only' to help locate her missing father; meanwhile, Max and Original Cindy come to the rescue when Sketchy finds himself on the wrong side of a mob boss.

:: 411 on the DL
Max draws closer to her Manticore siblings when Vogelsang uncovers some key information. Meanwhile, and old flame pays Logan a visit.

:: Prodigy
ogan puts his life on the line to barter for Max's after a hostage crisis at a genetics conference traps Max with a deadly fellow attendee...Lydecker. But as the situation intensifies, it becomes clear that hunter and prey will have to play nice together to get out alive.

:: Cold Comfort
The hunter becomes the prey as Max and Zack go after Lydecker for kidnapping one of their own. When a fellow bio-synth (Nicole Bilderback) is abducted en route to a private powwow with Zack (William Gregory Lee), Max and her militant brother-in-arms fear Lydecker is to blame. But when they ambush him at a secret meeting of his own, the kids realize that, while their hostage is innocent (this time), he does know who has their friend...and why. And as the trio forms an unholy alliance to save the girl from a mutual enemy, one of them makes a false move that puts them all in mortal jeopardy. 

:: Blah Blah Woof Woof
Max goes to ground when Lydecker turns Seattle into a military state; meanwhile, Logan's accident presents new complications."

:: Out
Max walks away from Eyes Only, leaving Logan in the crosshairs of a powerful smuggler.

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